Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Princess Hair and a Party Dress

I think inside every woman is the little girl that was. There are times when I am 7 years old, times when I am 11 and times when I am 15. This morning I was up and showered early because today is the court's Christmas Party. (I know from a technical standpoint party should not be capitalized in my previous sentence but trust me on this one, it has to be.) Actually, it isn't really a Christmas Party because we cannot have a Christmas Party. For budgetary and political correctness reasons, it is an Employee Recognition Event but really it is a Christmas Party.

Well, since it is PARTY DAY, I took extra time with my hair to do it in what I secretly refer to myself as my Princess Hair. This involves plenty of smoothing hair product, a hairdryer, hot rollers, hairspray and my secret weapon for the Princess Hair, two tiny hair clips with silver stars affixed to them. After a certain amount of spitting and swearing (not really, Mom), I managed to subdue my superfine, unruly, burnet hair into two neat rolls pinned in place with the stars and a cascade of curls below. (At least that is how I tell myself it looks when I get done.)

Also since it is PARTY DAY there must be a Party Dress. When I was 7 my ideal Party Dress was anything with a full circle skirt, a ribbon tie at the waist and puffed or sheer sleeves. In my heart of hearts, that is still what a Party Dress should look like. However, at 37, I seriously doubt I could successfully carry something like that off so instead, I have a black dress with a blue design that my husband thinks looks like eyes and I think look like peacock feathers. It is a good cut for my figure (which at best could be described as Rubenesque). So now, with my Princess Hair and my Party Dress, I am ready to face the day.

My boss just warned me that if it starts to snow, the party will be cancelled.