Tuesday, January 26, 2016

When Life Gets in the Way

I was reorganizing the favorites on my Internet Explorer today and realized that I had a blog.  A blog that I have neglected for the last three years.  I haven't neglected it on purpose.  Life got in the way.  Three months from today, my husband and I will celebrate our wedding anniversary.  Looking back, so much has happened in those eight years.  John has changed jobs three times, had shoulder surgery, taken a course in appliance repair, turned 40 and put up with me.  I have been at my job for fourteen years and I have not committed a major crime anytime in the last 8 years which is a win as far as I'm concerned.  Together we have purchased our first home, bought a travel trailer and a truck to pull it with, acquired a cat, a dachshund and an Olde English bulldog, changed churches and had many adventures together.  We've had good times, we've had tough times and we've had fun times and boring times.  What can I say, we've been busy.
So why the picture?  I don't know about the rest of you out there but sometimes, you have those days -- those days where you drag yourself out of bed and through the week, those Sunday nights when you seriously discuss running away and joining the circus, those weekends full of chores and household repairs and yard work.  My dear husband struggles with this even more than I do but we both have "those" days.  You know what we say to each other?  "Okay, it's time to be grown up." or in other words "Time to adult."
When you're a child, you can't WAIT to grow up.  You whine about your chores, you complain about your mom's cooking and you and your friends have the "when I'm a grown up I'm going to . . . " conversations.  Usually this phrase ends with things like "eat Cap'n Crunch for breakfast everyday" or "stay up all night and play video games" or similarly childish desires.  People are always telling you that you have it SO good as a kid and you should enjoy it.  You don't believe them -- ever.  Then you grow up and find that it isn't quite so carefree and fun as you thought it would be.
Perhaps you're wondering why I said I haven't committed a major crime in the last 8 years.  Truth is, I've never committed a major or minor crime but after you fall in love and marry someone that you would do anything to protect, the possibility of it can come home to you.  I do work at a job where I am confronted with other people's crimes daily.  It makes you realize that every day we all have the potential to do harm, steal, lie, cheat, have a road rage accident (ugh to city traffic) and kill someone -- even accidentally.  Every day that I don't do that, I consider it a win.  I successfully adulted today.


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lynn socko said...

Love it, words of wisdom there!